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Your recovery begins the moment you decide to start your recovery journey with us. From our treatment objectives to our programs to the way we treat our clients and their families, you will find no other partner like us. Our dedicated, focused and professional staff uses the most up-to-date and proven treatment methods available. You simply need a workable plan that’s proven and doable. We have a customized plan to change your patterns and restore your life.

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How Total RMH Does Addiction Treatment in Beverly Hills Differently

Only 13% of people with addiction get any substance abuse treatment. Many people avoid getting addiction treatment in Beverly Hills because they are scared, have tried and failed at recovery before, are worried about work conflicts or cost, and more. But with Total RHM, our Beverly Hills drug treatment facility is different. 

Our Programs

With our Beverly Hills drug rehab center, you can pick from a range of substance abuse treatment options that work for you.

If you want to start rebuilding your life in a drug-free fashion, we can help you return to standard brain patterns, normal physical health, and lifestyle, starting with detoxification. Our facility works with you to create a customized plan that restores your life to the level it was before your addiction, helping you get a detox treatment under the supervision of highly trained physicians, addiction counselors, and other staff. 

We don’t trade one drug for another like other drug treatment Beverly Hills facilities. When we help you start on your path to recovery from substance abuse, we focus exclusively on getting you through the initial withdrawal symptoms and detoxification as quickly and safely as possible.

With our addiction treatment, Beverly Hills staff members pay close attention to details by offering you relief during your withdrawals and detoxification and helping you repair any physical damage done, recover with better lifestyle skills and coping mechanisms, and rebuild yourself long-term. 

We also work with you to take the necessary steps for long-term Aftercare. You get continued counseling, periodic checkups, and more, depending on what you need. After completing an inpatient or outpatient program, our goal is to help you rebuild your health and wellness, find sober activities that you prefer, attend support groups, and build strong relationships with a supportive community of friends and family.

Our Treatments

Our substance abuse treatment therapies are vast. We offer withdrawal management and medically supervised detoxification so that you can rid your body of any remaining compounds and start to live a healthier life, rebuilding your strength from the inside out.

To help you manage your withdrawal symptoms and rebuild your health, we utilize NAD, IV vitamin therapy, and your feedback. All three of these help target the mind and the body, reprogramming how you sync and undo some of the damage done by drug and alcohol abuse.


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Your Journey Begins Here

You will notice immediately that Total Regenerative Medical Health is different. It begins the moment you decide to begin your recovery journey with us. From our addiction treatment in Los Angeles to our programs to the way we treat our clients and their families, you will find no other partner like us. Our dedicated, focused and professional staff uses the most up-to-date and proven treatment methods available. Brain Recovery and Brain Optimization and longevity are our specialty.

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Your Journey Begins Here

Our drug treatment facility earns its name by focusing on you and your family. Our staff will meet with you for an initial evaluation. This assessment serves an important purpose: helping our staff to design proven treatment methods that help you meet your recovery goals. The plan we design for you will be physician-guided, safe, and effective, focusing on long-term support systems, life coaching, and nutritional care after your initial detox, and withdrawal management.

Our facility helps you overcome an initial substance abuse detoxification and withdrawal symptom management using medication-assisted treatment. If you are struggling with addiction to opioids, we can offer medication-assisted treatment using FDA-approved drugs that can help your body combat your addiction and overcome the severe withdrawal symptoms while under supervision. For other substance abuse problems, our detoxification addiction treatment will do the same, helping to decrease the severity of your symptoms so that you can work through your initial withdrawal and stay in your event longer.

Once complete, we can move you into our inpatient or outpatient programs that involve a combination of our substance abuse treatment therapies. With our addiction treatment, Beverly Hills residents can get reliable, safe, and effective help to target substance abuse whether it is brand new and in the early stages of addiction or years old.

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At our addiction treatment in Los Angeles, we are committed to helping you get the care you need. Feel free to contact us at (310) 358-9001 to learn about your financial options to get started.

Substance Abuse