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Nutritional Therapy & Brain Optimization

Our nutritional approach includes access to a 40 year line of nutritionals which are designed to aid the body in its return to optimized health.  With brain health at the core, overall body health can respond to the same approach.  What’s good for one is good for the entire body.  Our bodies require Alkaline Minerals, Trace Minerals, Pre and Pro-Biotics for a healthy gut, and we need digestive enzymes.  We address your needs and make specific recommendations.  No two people are the same and each program is tailored to your body’s requirements.

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Nutritional Therapy & Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol devastate the brain and body in many ways.  Mineral depletion, gut flora devastation and stamina are just a few of the implications.  When you lose any of these vital components to a healthy life, your body will ultimately pay the price.  Our approach is to replenish the mineral content available to your system by enhancing the gut biome which in turn will boost your immunity and overall health.  Enzymes, minerals and Trace Minerals are keys to accomplishing this restorative process.  And, this path leads to a healthy brain, a recovered brain.
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