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Neurofeedback for Brain Recovery in Beverly Hills

Neurological feedback is a simple yet most effective process – Neurofeedback starts with a brain map. A cap fitted with special sensors fits on your head to measure your brainwave activity and help us understand which protocols will provide the best possible results. The protocols are overlaid on your choice of a television show and you simply watch the show and the protocol will retrain your brain. The process sounds very simple but the results are anything but. This will help you calm and restore normal brain patterns. Sessions may take as little as 15 minutes and there are no harmful side-effects to this relaxing therapy. Neuro Feedback is used both for treatment of certain addictions and brain optimization.
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You will notice immediately that Total Regenerative Medical Health is different. It begins the moment you decide to begin your recovery journey with us. From our treatment objectives to our programs to the way we treat our clients and their families, you will find no other partner like us. Our dedicated, focused and professional staff uses the most up-to-date and proven treatment methods available. Our goal has always been to offer safe, physician-guided options and programs that work. At our neurofeedback therapy in Beverly Hills, our goal is for you to live a life of freedom. Our services are effective, fast and confidential with a long-term focus including nutritional care, life coaching and other support systems.

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