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Treatment Therapies

NAD+ Therapy

Touted as an anti-aging and brain optimizing drug, NAD+ therapy is now being used for recovery from addiction as well. Because of its cell energizing and rejuvenating properties, it can help addicts in recovery by reducing cravings and restoring brain function.

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a coenzyme found in many reactions throughout the body. It also works to strengthen mitochondria and stimulate cell growth. Evident in many cell processes, it is also an essential element of maintaining DNA integrity.

Reduced levels of NAD+ in the body can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, vision loss, and diabetes. Studies have shown that depletion of NAD+, due to aging, is directly connected to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It is also closely associated with cardiovascular disease and muscle atrophy. Advanced studies with NAD+ have associated it with the reduction of premature aging with Cockayne Syndrome. The uses of NAD+ are still being studied, but have proved to prevent hearing loss, improve vision, and even decrease brain damage due to oxygen deprivation in studies completed on mice.

But what are the real-world applications for NAD IV in Los Angeles? Can it help with addiction treatment? Brain optimization? And in the end, is it even worth it?

Treatment Therapies

NAD+ Therapy & Addiction Recovery

NAD+ therapy is just beginning to be used in substance abuse recovery. Typically administered through intravenous injection, clients who are struggling with detoxification may experience a reduction in or end to severe withdrawal symptoms. While the efficiency of NAD+ therapy in reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms varies across the studies and groups on the internet, they all indicate that there is at least a 60% reduction.

“NAD+ therapy is aimed at improving ‘productive aging’ by restoring health processes, removing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and assisting in abstinence.” This is ideal for individuals who are struggling with addiction. Through the removal of cravings and the restoration of health processes in the body, persons with severe addictions to opioids and alcohol are more likely to maintain sobriety for longer periods of time because of the lack of cravings and feeling healthier, giving them the opportunity to learn and implement the relapse prevention practices taught in traditional addiction treatment.

NAD+ treatments are meant to provide relief. While it is not a cure-all, persons who have suffered through severe withdrawal may benefit from NAD IV in Los Angeles when in combination with inpatient and outpatient counseling and addiction treatment.
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Treatment Therapies

NAD IV in Los Angeles

NAD IV in Los Angeles, in relation to brain optimization, is essential in maintaining appropriate NAD+ levels within the cell and restoring proper regeneration. Currently, studies are being done to determine the “key roles for NAD+ and related metabolites in the adaptation of neurons to a wide range of physiological stressors and in counteracting processes in neurodegenerative diseases, such as those occurring in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington diseases, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.”

As the body ages, cell regeneration starts to break down and mutations can occur. NAD+ therapy acts to boost regeneration and slow down aging and therefore maintain brain health. By maintaining this balance, the brain and body can remain focused and energized even as an individual grows older.

At regenerative facilities like, Total Regenerative Medical Health (Total RMH), expert medical professionals offer brain optimization IV medications that combine NAD+ therapy with vitamins and other health optimizers to promote anti-aging and brain health.

With its anti-aging, brain optimizing, and withdrawal symptom diminishing properties, NAD+ IV Therapy is worth it for many individuals.

Maintaining NAD+ balance is beneficial for older individuals as it maintains cell regeneration and can promote longer, healthier lives. NAD+ Therapy can help people addicted to substances regain their lives and help individuals with early symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease stave off more severe symptoms.

While NAD+ may not be beneficial for persons who are determined to have pre-cancerous cells, the overall benefits are applicable to many.

Maintain and/or regain with NAD IV in Los Angeles at Total RMH. Our state-of-the-art facility offers a variety of program options to optimize brain health, detox from opioids and alcohol, and utilize anti-aging techniques through our unique combination of NAD+, vitamins, and other enzymes that promote health, energy, and recovery.

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