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Weight loss can be an area of great concern for many people. Whether you are trying to lose weight for personal appearance or health concerns, it is often a difficult process. Many who try methods such as dieting, pills, fasting, or even surgery, find that while they may lose weight quickly, they regain that weight down the line just as fast.

At Total RMH, we understand that there is no quick fix to provide long-lasting or permanent weight loss. Rather, to gain long-term results, you must put in the time and effort to condition your body in the process, so not only do you lose weight now, but you keep it off down the road.

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Weight Loss

We offer IV Vitamin Therapy as well as Nutritional Therapy, so you know you are losing weight in a safe and healthy manner, unlike resorting to diet pills or unnecessary invasive surgery. We also offer Neurofeedback Therapy programs in Beverly Hills to improve your body’s conditioning and support your weight loss for the long term.

There are many options offering options for weight loss, but only at Total RMH can you ensure you are receiving science-based, healthy options to lose weight quickly and keep it off in the long term. Call us today and speak to our admissions team to learn more about how our weight loss programs can help you now!

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You will notice immediately that Total Regenerative Medical Health is different. It begins the moment you decide to begin your recovery journey with us. From our treatment objectives to our programs to the way we treat our clients and their families, you will find no other partner like us. Our dedicated, focused and professional staff uses the most up-to-date and proven treatment methods available. Our goal has always been to offer safe, physician-guided options and programs that work. At Total Regenerative Medical Health, our goal is for you to live a life of freedom. Our services are effective, fast and confidential with a long-term focus including nutritional care, life coaching and other support systems.

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Weight Loss