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Treatment Therapies

Counseling for Addiction & Substance Abuse

Our Licensed Addiction Counselors, certified by the State of California, will be able to quickly establish a respectful, supportive, and understanding relationship with you. They are fully trained to ask the appropriate questions to learn more about your situation in order to help you find the motivation from within for a change. Most importantly, we will be able to develop a customized plan for change that you are fully capable of and comfortable with. Since no two addictions are alike, even if they seem similar on the surface, our counselors will use their experience and proven screening methods to provide the ideal treatment recommendations unique to your case. Every brain processes the effects and causes of addiction differently. Aligning with a true professional, trained and licensed to help with addiction, is the key to your successful win over your addiction. We encourage family and loved ones to aid in the process, as they offer the most accurate personal insight to you as well as information on how the addiction has affected them. This is more than just about your addiction. This is about your loved ones and friends and what has been experienced by them as it related to your challenges. A team effort approach is always helpful.

Treatment That Works for You

Truly Individualized & Personalized Solutions

From the start of treatment, it is readily apparent that Total RMH is a different type of treatment center. Our goals during treatment are to ensure that our clients receive the best possible treatment options in a safe and supportive environment. Our staff is trained to be up-to-date on the latest approaches to addiction treatment. Our primary goal is to offer safe and effective treatment designed to fit all of our clients' needs.

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