Total RMH offers evidence-based counseling through our trusted partners and therapists around the country. Learn more about how counseling works as a treatment option.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Here at Total Regenerative Medical Health we offer innovative solutions that help heal and restore your body back to health. That includes vitamin IV therapy with a number of options to fit every person’s unique, individual needs.

NAD IV in Los Angeles

Total RMH is proud to offer advanced NAD+ IV therapy at our Beverly Hills location. From substance abuse, to brain optimization, mental health and overall wellness, the benefits of NAD IV therapy are endless. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help.


Naltrexone is a non-opioid, non-addictive medication that blocks the cravings and the effects of opioids and alcohol. Discover the benefits of Naltrexone when treating drug & alcohol abuse at Total RMH.


Neurofeedback at Total RMH starts with brain mapping. Our sessions can take as little as 15 minutes and can help restore your brain and your life.

Nutritional Therapy

Our nutritional approach includes access to a 40 year line of nutritionals which are designed to aid the body in its return to optimized health.  With brain health at the core, overall body health can respond to the same approach.  What’s good for one is good for the entire body. 

Withdrawal Management

Total Regenerative Medical Health is the only detox facility in Beverly Hills to use the Withdrawal Management Device, an FDA approved medical device, to curb the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Keep reading to find out how we can help.