Traditional rehabilitation at a residential facility can last from 30 to 90 days, but many people can’t afford to take that amount of time off work or away from their families. Rehab alternatives are available for those who need to maintain their lifestyle while attending addiction treatment.

Total Regenerative Medical Health can provide a transformative experience with rejuvenating and reenergizing practices. We don’t just focus on treating the mental effects of addiction. Our facility focuses on the total regeneration of your mental and physical health. By providing the best regenerative care on the market, our clients can reclaim sobriety, mental clarity, and their energetic youth.

Are There Rehab Alternatives for Addiction?

Not every person who is suffering from addiction needs to go to a state-of-the-art luxury residential rehab facility with 24/7 monitoring and around-the-clock providers available to them. Some people need to continue working. Some people still need to get their kids off the bus. 

For those who can’t attend traditional addiction treatment, there are rehab alternatives. Outpatient programs offer intensive treatment programs, regulated outpatient care, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and even rapid detox for individuals who can’t step away from their lives but need help now.

The Total RMH Difference

At Total Regenerative Medical Health (Total RMH) we offer our clients a variety of program options to optimize availability and access and ensure discretion. 

Our four-step process of relief, repair, recovery, and rebuilding ensure that our outpatient clients receive high-quality care from beginning to end.

Total RMH’s outpatient process begins with relief. Relief from the fear, stress, and overwhelming nature of illegal drug use with our innovative rapid detox program. We utilize an IV drip filled with the most body-nourishing ingredients to ensure the drugs are not only flushed from your system but that your system had the nutrients it needs inside. Mixed into this IV are non-opioid, non-addictive medications that block cravings and the effects of opioids and alcohol. To complete this process only takes a few days. Then we move our clients into the repair stage.

In repair, we give our client’s bodies time to replenish what’s missing and begin healing themselves from the trauma of drug use. During this regenerative stage, typically lasting 5-10 days, our clients receive IV vitamins and a specially designed and individually customized treatment cocktail that continues to block cravings and encourages mental clarity and muscle response. 

After giving the body relief and giving it some time to repair, we move our clients into the mentally draining and heavy part of recovery. Through the recovery process, typically lasting half a year or more, our clients meet with certified counselors in-person and online to discuss their treatment goals, triggers, and maladaptive behaviors. 

Additionally, our clients currently in the recovery period have access to injectable blocker treatments and surgically implanted pellet treatments to reduce cravings and withdrawal systems and allow their bodies to fully heal. 

When our clients have completed their recovery period, we move them into the process of rebuilding. This final part of the process is about maintenance. Continued check-ups with medical professionals, booster injections for preventative care, and counseling may still be accessed as needed. At this stage, our clients are rebuilding their relationships, careers, and working to achieve the goals they set during recovery. 

At Total RMH we believe that everyone can live a healthy and sober life with our restorative and regenerative practices. 

Total RMH – Transformative Healthcare

Through innovative uses for vitamin therapy, NAD+ balancing nutrients, and medically tailored IV cocktails, our clients can feel new again. 

The restorative properties in our concoctions not only fight against withdrawal symptoms for our clients going through detoxification, but provide anti-aging, brain optimizing, and body balancing care for individuals seeking to improve their lives.

Contact us today to see how our transformative care can spur your Total Regenerative Medical Health.