How to Find Comprehensive Drug Detox in Los Angeles, CA

Detoxification is a chance for your body to get rid of any remaining toxic compounds from the drugs you have used. It is also an important process when it comes to managing the dangerous psychological effects associated with no longer using. If you are looking for drug detox in Los Angeles, Total RMH can help.

Recovery often starts with finding a detox program. Going cold turkey might seem like a faster, cheaper option, but withdrawal symptoms can be so intense they lead to relapse within the first two days, if not sooner. 

Total RMH is an innovative Beverly Hills medical center providing detox and addiction treatment in LA.

What is the Purpose of a Detox Program?

The purpose of a detox program is to safely and effectively discontinue your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

The goal is to minimize the side effects of your withdrawal and help you successfully cope with your withdrawal symptoms until you have kicked your physical addiction. This lays the groundwork for sustained abstinence. 

Almost all treatment programs start with a detox program. When you go to drug detox in Los Angeles, you start the most crucial part of your addiction treatment: managing your withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant, not to mention potentially fatal. For that reason, the purpose of drug detox in Los Angeles is not just to help you wean yourself from substance abuse but to do so in a medically managed environment where you have physicians ready to administer over-the-counter medications or prescription medications to reduce the severity and risks of your withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxification on its own doesn’t address the behavioral, social, or psychological problems of addiction so it won’t give you lasting recovery, but it is the best place for you to start your ongoing inpatient or outpatient program.

What Does a Drug Detox Program Entail?

A detox program can take between a few days and a few weeks to complete depending on:

  • What you were using
  • How severe your addiction is
  • What support you have available

Completing your detox at a drug detox center means increased social support and a higher chance of safely getting through your withdrawal.

So what medications are used for drug detox in Los Angeles?

This depends on your condition. You might be prescribed a handful of over-the-counter medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen to manage things like muscle pain and fever and a LA IV vitamin therapy program for nutrition and hydration. If you are using a drug detox program for opioid addiction or alcoholism, you might have a medication-assisted treatment program that uses FDA-approved medications.

For example:


Anticonvulsant medications like Tegretol or Depakote are used to help manage side effects like convulsions or seizures.


Antidepressants like Prozac or Zoloft might be used to relieve symptoms of depression and help correct any chemical imbalances that would lead to mood swings or behavioral problems during your detox program.

Anti-nausea medications

Anti-nausea medications like metoclopramide or promethazine might be used to alleviate nausea.


Antipsychotics can be prescribed to treat paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions for people detoxing from alcohol or drugs. Some common antipsychotics include Risperdal, olanzapine, and Abilify.


Disulfiram is often used to treat alcoholism and interferes with how your body processes alcohol. Taking Disulfiram means you don’t get any of the pleasant effects of alcohol consumption and are, therefore, less likely to relapse. 


Methadone can be used to treat opioid addiction with medication-assisted treatment. Methadone helps reduce cravings and long-term withdrawal symptoms.

How to Find Comprehensive Drug Detox in Los Angeles, CA

If you are looking for comprehensive drug detox in Los Angeles, don’t settle for any drug detox center; settle for Total RMH. At our facility, we target comprehensive health, meaning your mind and your body at the same time.

Our goal is to help you through your initial detox so that you can have a fresh start with your ongoing treatment. Using the right medications and individualized programs gives you the highest chance of long-term success. 

Let Total RMH help you start your drug detox in Los Angeles.

What Types of Addiction Treatment are Available in Los Angeles?

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, you can find help. Too often, people try to go cold turkey or get a fast, cheap version of addiction treatment, which sets them up for relapse and feelings of failure.

But at Total RMH, we believe that any setback or failure is an opportunity for learning. Knowing what treatment hasn’t worked in the past will give insight into what you should choose moving forward. 

What are the Levels of Rehab Care?

All the types of drug treatment available are designed to function together in a step-down approach.

The step-down approach begins with residential or inpatient treatment, where you have 24-hour supervision and live at the rehab center. Once you regain some of your independence and can be trusted to live in a safe environment on your own, you can move into an outpatient program.

Even within an outpatient program, your level of care is slowly reduced as you improve. So while you might start out with over 20 hours per week of outpatient care, you can drop that within a few weeks or months to around 15 hours per week, then 8 hours per week, and then 1 hour per week.


Suppose your case is not as severe or you have a supportive environment where you can be trusted to maintain your independence. In that case, the next type of drug treatment might include outpatient care, where you attend a rehab center for your daily program but go home at the end of the day.


No matter which types of addiction treatment programs you choose, inpatient or outpatient, your rehab will start with detox. Detoxification is an essential component of all types of drug treatment. Detox helps you rid your body of any remaining compounds and start fresh.

  • If you choose outpatient types of addiction treatment, you might complete your detox over the course of one week or a few days at a rehab center or in a hospital.
  • If you choose inpatient types of addiction treatment, you will likely start your detox at the rehab center before transitioning into your daily schedule.

What Types of Addiction Treatment are Available in Los Angeles?

There are many types of addiction treatment available in Los Angeles.

For example, suppose you are struggling with addiction to alcohol or opioids. In that case, you can start a medication-assisted detox that uses FDA-approved medications and medical supervision to help you manage your cravings.

Your daily schedule will include individual and group therapy. This can extend to individual psychotherapy, trauma-centered therapy, and group therapy, where you get to meet with counselors and therapists to discuss what in your past might have contributed to your addiction, how you can identify triggers in your environment, and what to do when that happens.

Addiction does terrible things to your physical health. It can change the way your brain communicates with the rest of your body, leading to mental health disorders. Addiction treatments like nutrition management, neurofeedback, and brain optimization are designed to help reset your brain and improve your physical health so that you can take steps to improve your mental health. 

Finding the Best Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

If you are ready to find the best drug rehab in Los Angeles, turn to Total RMH. You can choose a rehab that works around your schedule at our facility. We offer flexible therapy options; you tell us what time works for you, and we will make sure someone is available.

Our Beverly Hills rehab facility prides itself on treating the mind and the body at the same time, which is why you will find a wide range of addiction treatment options that include nutritional therapy, brain optimization, and IV therapy to keep your body healthy in addition to individual and group therapy to keep your mind healthy. 

Let Total RMH help you design the right types of addiction treatment programs for your situation.

How Long Does NAD IV Therapy Last?

NAD IV treatment has been a potential addiction therapy source since the 1990s. NAD is a coenzyme that helps improve your metabolic processes and impacts different systems in your body like your digestive system, cognition, aging, and energy. People undergoing substance abuse recovery, struggling with the effects of aging, or trying to improve metabolic function or neurological function can all utilize NAD therapy in Beverly Hills.

What Does a NAD Session Entail?

During your session, you don’t just get NAD in the infusion; you also get a lot of other vitamins and minerals. But your body can’t absorb all of those at once. It has to be absorbed slowly by the bloodstream. So, the NAD IV treatment is administered in a specific sequence based on your discussion with the doctor.

The doctor will monitor how well your body is absorbing the different items and what ratio is most effective for you.

When you come to a facility to get your treatment, you should be prepared for some downtime. A doctor will hook you up to the IV and monitor your progress, but during that time, you can:

  • Bring a book
  • Bring your laptop and get some work done
  • Respond to your backlog of texts or emails
  • Watch TV
  • Listen to music

Immediately after your treatment, you shouldn’t experience many side effects except maybe some irritation at your injection site. So, you can return to your routine as soon as you are done with your session. This can include returning to work, hanging out with your family, or even going to bed.

How Long Does NAD IV Therapy Last?

Many people want to know: how long does NAD IV therapy last?

How long do the sessions last…

There isn’t a clear-cut answer because your NAD IV treatment will vary based on how healthy you are and how well your body responds.

As mentioned, figuring out “how long does NAD IV therapy last” is really up to you and the doctor. You can contact Total RMH and go over your goals, why you are getting this regenerative treatment, and what type of ratio might be best suited for you.

Some people finish their session in as little as three hours, but for others, it might take 4 or 5 hours. In general, it’s recommended that you allocate a half day. But with a good facility, you can choose how you want to structure that half day. You can pick something first thing in the morning, right smack in the middle of your work day, or in the evening.

How long do the effects last…

If you ask, “how long does NAD IV therapy last,” you might also be inquiring as to how long you feel the effects of your treatment. Again, this is based on your needs. You might feel the effects for just a few days, especially if you are going through difficult drug detox. But you might feel it for a few weeks if you are using it to combat symptoms of aging or improve your cognitive focus.

How Often Should I Get NAD IV Therapy?

People who ask, “how long does NAD IV therapy last” also want to know how often they should get treatment. Again, this comes down to your body, your health, and what you are trying to get out of your treatment. 

  • If you incorporate this type of therapy as part of your drug rehab, you might get an infusion every week. 
  • If you are using this type of treatment for anti-aging, you might find that the effects last up to 14 days, so you only have to do it twice per month.
  • If you are using NAD IV therapy to help you improve your performance in athletic endeavors, you might only get the treatment a few times during your training and right before something like a marathon.

You can discuss how frequently you should get NAD treatment with professionals at Total RMH.

How to Find a NAD Rehab in Southern California

Total RMH is a top-of-the-line Beverly Hills rehab facility that focuses on relieving discomfort, repairing your body, and rebuilding your life through treatments like NAD IV therapy.

When you book a NAD IV treatment session with us, our facility is available for you based on your schedule. Some clients like to show up first thing in the morning for treatment, go home and take a quick nap, and spend the rest of their day with their family. Others love the restorative sleep they get when they book a NAD IV treatment in the evening, right before bed.
If you are ready for a Beverly Hills addiction treatment, contact Total RMH today.

Does NAD IV Therapy Work?

If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, addiction, or mental illness, NAD injections are one form of treatment that you can use to improve your cellular function regularly. But what is it, and does NAD IV therapy work?

What is NAD Therapy?

NAD therapy stands for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide therapy. It is an intravenous treatment that stimulates regeneration on a cellular level. It is a naturally occurring coenzyme in your body, but it’s supposed to bind with other elements. It’s been used as a scientific treatment since the 60s, and the science behind it is that your body needs essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to function at its highest level. When your body doesn’t naturally produce the levels you need, you can supplement it with a direct infusion.

Does NAD IV Therapy Work?

Yes! But how does NAD IV therapy work? It works by boosting the natural levels of NAD in your body. Your body produces NAD+ on its own every day, but as you get older and struggle with addiction or mental health issues or diseases, your body stops producing as much as it once did. 

Many people supplement vitamins and minerals with pill forms as they age, but pills have to be digested first, and your body doesn’t get 100% of what is provided in that pill. But with Beverly Hills IV treatment, you get 100% bioavailability by bypassing the digestive system and infusing the vital NAD+ directly into your bloodstream. 

What is NAD IV Therapy Used to Treat?

NAD IV therapy is used to treat things like addiction, depression, chronic pain management, the symptoms of diabetes, the effects of aging, and more. 


How does NAD IV therapy work for addiction recovery? In so many ways. Firstly, it boosts your body, reducing pain and inflammation, making it easier for you to improve metabolic processes and maintain a regular diet. 

This is often something with which addicts struggle because drug and alcohol abuse can hamper the body’s ability to process food, retrieve vital nutrients from food, and distribute those nutrients throughout the body. 

Secondly, it resets how your brain works by restoring your brain chemistry to how it was before your addiction. This helps to avoid a relapse. It also helps thwart things like depression.

Thirdly, it helps manage withdrawal symptoms making it less likely that you will need ongoing medication for that purpose.


When recovering from addiction, many people struggle with a coexisting mental health disorder, usually depression. Does NAD IV therapy help here too? Yes. NAD injections increase your serotonin levels, and this means they act as a mood stabilizer.

In fact, this ability to stabilize your mood and improve how you feel is beneficial when recovering from addiction, struggling from depression and isolation, dealing with depression because of a short-term traumatic event, and more. 

Effects of Aging

No one likes looking older, but feeling older can be much worse. NAD injections help reverse some aging effects by repairing DNA, improving gene expression (so your genes can do what they were designed to do), preserving your chromosomes, and getting more energy. 

NAD IV therapy improves your metabolic processes, which can help you maintain a healthy weight. This is something used by:

  1. Athletes who want to improve their performance; 
  2. Older individuals who want to maintain a healthier weight but are struggling with the effects of aging;
  3. People who want to lose weight to manage health and get rid of things like chronic pain or diabetes;
  4. Addicts who need to reset their metabolic processes to reap results from diet and exercise.

Cognitive Decline

This is slightly different from the effects of aging in that you might just feel a little foggier for a short time and find it difficult to focus because of unexpected traumatic events or particularly difficult times at work or home. 

In similar ways to managing the effects of aging: you get more energy, your body produces more of the nutrients it needs, distributes those nutrients throughout the body, and helps turns genes on and off to improve focus and brain function. 

Chronic Pain

NAD injections can be used to reduce chronic pain by activating antioxidants that remove free radicals from the body. It also reduces inflammation which helps manage pain, particularly for inflammation-based chronic conditions. 

Symptoms of Diabetes 

Similarly, NAD IV treatment can help manage the symptoms of diabetes in similar ways to managing chronic pain; NAD therapy can signal more calcium in your body, help extract cellular energy from what you eat, and repair your DNA.

How to Find NAD Therapy in Beverly Hills, CA

If you are ready to use NAD IV therapy and you need to find a reputable rehab in Beverly Hills, turn to Total RMH. At our facility, you will find supportive staff who can issue your infusions regularly, help you maintain a healthier lifestyle, and integrate complementary therapies like individual psychotherapy, exercise, or nutrition classes.
Let Total RMH help you start your NAD IV infusions in Beverly Hills today.

Are There Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Programs in Beverly Hills, CA?

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction but don’t necessarily have the time or money to move into a care facility full-time, drug rehab outpatient options might be a much better solution.

Is There Outpatient Rehab?

Yes! You can find outpatient rehab programs in Beverly Hills, CA, that focus on treating the mind and body, while retraining the brain to how it functioned before addiction. 

Outpatient drug rehab programs let you live at home and attend meetings during the dayInpatient programs keep you at the facility full time. 
Drug rehab outpatient therapy fits around your scheduleInpatient therapy controls your schedule and makes your therapy a full-time engagement
Outpatient drug rehab programs in Beverly Hills, CA, let you pick a combination of individual and group therapy that works best for youInpatient therapy is more restrictive based on your intensive detox and rehab schedule
Outpatient drug rehab programs are more affordableInpatient rehab is very expensive because lodging and meals are included in the cost

Does Outpatient Rehab Work?

Any outpatient drug rehab programs in Beverly Hills, CA, can work well if you stay committed. One of the most significant risks associated with outpatient programs, regardless of whether you started with an outpatient program or graduated from an inpatient program, is that you are on your own most of the time. 

This means that if you return to your old home, old friends, and old environment, you might be at a higher risk of returning to your old habits. Similarly, if you don’t attend all of your meetings as outlined, it increases the risk of relapse

However, those who participate in their designed drug rehab outpatient plan, attend all of their meetings, and work hard to incorporate the life skills and coping mechanisms taught during individual and group therapy will see a much higher rate of long-term recovery. 

With Total RMH, you get personalized outpatient drug rehab programs designed to incorporate therapy best suited to your situation. Nobody suffers from addiction in precisely the same way as everyone else, which is why an individualized program is so important.

What are the Benefits of Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab programs in Beverly Hills, CA, offer many benefits:

  1. You don’t have to live in Beverly Hills to appreciate the area’s natural beauty. No matter where you are from, there are facilities available to accommodate your outpatient addiction treatment needs.
  2. Outpatient rehab is much more private. It’s complicated to keep your addiction and rehab treatment confidential when you have to leave your job for three months and disengage from all social activities. With outpatient rehab, you don’t have to worry about any of this; you can maintain your regular schedule while still getting the treatment you need.
  3. Similarly, outpatient rehab programs can fit your schedule. You get more control over how often you go to meetings when you go and the type of professionals with whom you work. Suppose you are someone interested in holistic and evidence-based practices like neurofeedback and IV vitamin therapy. In that case, you can find a rehab center that lets you work these into your regular schedule.
  4. With outpatient programs, you get to build upon the skills you may have learned with an inpatient program. It’s much easier to practice coping mechanisms when living in a supportive, trigger-free environment like an inpatient rehab center, but attending outpatient rehab allows you to finely tune those skills in an applicable way.

Are There Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Programs in Beverly Hills, CA

Yes! At Total RMH, our team is here to help you create an outpatient treatment program that you like best. We offer a wide range of Los Angeles IV therapies, nutritional counseling, medication management, and detox services in Southern California.

We know that many people who struggle with addiction might have tried different types of outpatient programs or the cold turkey detox at home. Integrating you and your experience into creating an outpatient program helps us find the therapies that work best, not just the same handful of treatments everyone else uses. 

Our Beverly Hills rehab facility can accommodate your schedule, making it easy for you to book appointments weekly. Your responsibilities and work requirements are essential, which is why we create schedules around other commitments.

Let Total RMH help you create the perfect outpatient program today. 

How to Find IV Rehab Treatment in Los Angeles

If you or someone close to you has searched for “IV treatments near me,” you might be interested to learn about the latest scientific evidence behind IV rehab treatment in Los Angeles and how IV therapies can help you with your addiction recovery. 

What is IV Rehab Treatment?

As the name suggests, IV rehab treatment in Los Angeles is a form of IV drip therapy involving intravenous medicine. IV therapies usually involve a saline solution mixed with things like vitamins and nutrients designed to help your mind and body heal during things like detox and withdrawal management. 

The process is simple:

  • You go to a rehab center (or go to the treatment room while in your residential stay)
  • You get hooked up to an IV with the appropriate mixture or treatment
  • You remain in your comfortable chair, reading, watching TV, or otherwise relaxing
  • You finish within an hour and start to feel the effects within a few days

What are the Benefits of IV Treatment?

IV treatment helps you detox safely from opioids and other drugs. How? By managing and minimizing withdrawal symptoms. 

When you struggle with addiction, a lot can happen to your mind and body. 

  • You get dehydrated quickly. When this happens regularly, your cells struggle to function properly. This means you can’t digest food as you should; you can’t get nutrients from what you eat or drink. Your brain and immune system function diminishes as well. 
  • Your body is harmed. The toxins from drugs and alcohol can physically damage your organs, muscles, brain, and just about everything else. This extends to your hair, nails, teeth, and even your skin. 
  • Your brain can’t communicate with the rest of your body as intended. This makes it harder for each part of your body to communicate with the rest, explain what it needs to function well, or get the nutrients it needs. This is compounded by bad eating habits while high or drunk. 

All of this means that when you stop doing drugs or alcohol, your body can’t function properly. You struggle with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It can feel impossible not to give in, but Los Angeles IV treatment can reduce or eliminate those cravings with ease. 

IV treatment can detox your body, restore brain function, boost energy, manage your moods, and reduce fatigue. Having low energy and mood swings can be difficult during detox and ongoing therapy. But managing both makes it easier to focus on your treatment and your rehabilitation.

How to Find IV Rehab Treatment in Southern California

If you search for “IV treatments near me,” remember that not all IV rehab treatment in Southern California is created equal. Each facility offers special mixtures for its IV solution. Each might serve a different purpose, given the circumstances. 

For example:


NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is an IV treatment that boosts natural levels of NAD in the body. With regular drug or alcohol abuse, NAD levels go down. This reduces DNA repairs, inhibits brain and cell communication, impedes brain function, and makes it challenging to derive energy from food. With Los Angeles NAD IV treatment, you can increase the levels in your body by bypassing your digestive tract and getting the NAD you need directly into your bloodstream, which can spread all over your body. This helps you boost energy levels within hours, improves the nutrients your body gets from food, helps you manage withdrawal symptoms, and flushes toxins during detox sooner. 

Vitamin IV

Vitamin IV drip therapy bypasses your digestive tract and gives your body a massive dose of nutrients and vitamins. With 100% absorption, you can hydrate your body. Drug and alcohol abuse often leaves you dehydrated, but IV vitamin therapy hydrates your cells so you can get energy from your food, improve your sleep and your mood, and help with withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, depression, anxiety, lack of appetite, vomiting, and more. 

In fact, studies confirm that IV vitamin therapy can reduce how long you go through detox or recovery in a hospital, helping your body to boost energy, healing, and mood. 

When you are ready to boost your recovery, find a facility that offers the IV mixture you want. You should find a place that works around your schedule and lets you easily relax, check your email, or read a book during the treatment. With IV addiction treatment in Los Angeles, you should be comfortable. 

With Total RMH, we specialize in IV drip therapy, including NAD and vitamin therapy. 

Let Total RMH help you find the right IV drip therapy today.

How to Find NAD Therapy Near Me

If you search for “NAD therapy near me,” you might struggle with addiction. Addiction represents one of the most common diseases of the 21st century. Addiction profoundly impacts your family, career, and even your health. Alcoholism is the third leading cause of death. Other forms of addiction bring with them a high rate of relapse because of environmental triggers.

The research has identified that people struggling with addiction struggle with changes to their neurobiology. A leading factor in high levels of relapse is that your brain chemistry has changed because of addiction, and your body has changed as a result. To truly enjoy a full recovery and avoid relapse, you need a form of treatment that helps reset your brain and body on a cellular level. That is where NAD treatment comes into play.

What is NAD Therapy?

NAD therapy stands for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD is an essential pyridine nucleotide that plays a vital role in cell protection against aging, stress, and energy production. 

Findings show that NAD infusion therapy can help treat addiction behavior and reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

How is NAD Therapy Used in Rehab?

If you looked for NAD therapy near me, you might wonder how it is used in rehab. Different NAD IV therapy locations will integrate NAD IV therapy during your detox phase. 

Detox is the start of your recovery. This is the process where you remove any residual toxins from your body. But the process coincides with your withdrawal symptoms. For many people, the withdrawal symptoms are so intense that they relapse almost immediately.

Getting help at NAD IV therapy locations can help avoid this by restoring natural levels of NAD in your body.

What are the Benefits of NAD Therapy?

When searching for NAD therapy near me, you need to understand its benefits. 

Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms

Using NAD treatment helps reduce or eliminate some of your withdrawal symptoms and your cravings. It counteracts your cravings by binding to things like opiate receptors and stimulating a pleasing sensation in your body. This reduces your cravings and makes it easier for you to achieve recovery.

Detox Your Body

At the same time, using IV NAD therapy means passing your digestive system and directing the compounds into your bloodstream. This helps reduce fatigue, normalize your mood, boost your energy levels, and detoxify your body much faster than you would be able to achieve on your own.

Getting rid of things like free radicals and flushing out other toxins from pollution, stress, and addiction gives your body a chance to repair itself completely.

Think of it this way: Your body is trying to heal itself during rehab. If your brain and cells have sustained damage, then your body might only be able to fix 50% of the damage during detox. Once you leave rehab, your body has fixed 60%. That still leaves 40% unfixed. With NAD treatment, you give your body a chance to heal closer to 100% of the damage and start anew. 

Restore Your Brain Health

The damage caused to your brain and body because of addiction doesn’t go away overnight. It probably took a few months or a few years to do that damage which means it’s going to take almost as long to repair it.

NAD IV therapy can boost your energy levels and improve your neurological function. This helps you focus more clearly, pay attention more effectively during rehab, and improve your energy levels throughout your treatment.

How to Find NAD Therapy Near Me

If searching to find “NAD therapy near me,” consider Total RMH. As part of our detox process, we treat you individually with a customized program line to ensure your success. Before you start your detox process and your NAD therapy in Los Angeles, we explain to you and your family every step of your treatment plan so that you know what’s coming. We don’t rely on narcotics to help you stop your addiction; we help you naturally stimulate your brain and body health.

Our Beverly Hills detox program relies on a team of licensed professionals who incorporate a system designed to relieve you of your discomfort, repair the damage done, and help you recover. Without turning to narcotics to help you break your addiction, we use a medically proven, evidence-based program that can take up to two weeks but incorporates NAD therapy and brain optimization treatment in Los Angeles.

Let Total RMH help you start NAD therapy today.

How is IV Vitamin Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment?

Drug and alcohol abuse can damage your brain and body. Prolonged drug abuse can have short-term and long-term effects. Most people focus on the psychological nature of addiction while overlooking the physical harm drugs and alcohol abuse can have on your body. 

  1. Depressants actually slow down your central nervous system functions. That means messages aren’t sent to and from your brain as quickly. In small doses, this might cause you to feel more relaxed than you do after a glass of wine. But larger amounts can impact your coordination and your concentration, making it difficult for you to respond. Prolonged drug abuse or alcoholism can leave behind long-term damage to the messages communicated to and from your brain.
  2. Stimulants do the exact opposite by speeding up messages to and from your brain. This can cause increased heart rate, and in small doses, you might feel more alert, but in large doses, it can cause significant anxiety attacks and seizures and hamper the natural speed of communication to and from your brain long-term. 
  3. Marijuana can make it very difficult for you to concentrate and retain information, especially long-term. 
  4. Cocaine can increase your risk of developing mental health issues, cause your veins to collapse, cause high blood pressure, and more. 
  5. Ecstasy is linked to paranoia, anxiety, long-term memory loss, and depression.

With each of these examples, you can see how your brain and body can be impaired long-term. Even symptoms like depression or high blood pressure can be linked to problems with cognitive-communication. This is where IV vitamin therapy is so essential.

What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

IV therapy in addiction treatment works to reverse the damage done to your brain and body simultaneously. With a rehab IV program, you get connected to an IV which delivers things straight into your bloodstream. With an IV therapy program, you usually get a vitamin supplement sent to your bloodstream, bypassing your stomach and increasing how much you can absorb. 

What you consume each time you eat or drink goes into your stomach and your digestive system. After it gets processed, vitamins and nutrients are distributed into your bloodstream. With this method, there is a limited amount you can absorb at one time, and it can take a while.

When you need IV therapy used in addiction treatment, you need your treatment to work more effectively, which is why bypassing the digestive system increases how much your cells are able to absorb. Within as little as 30 minutes, your IV therapy rehab can start delivering fluids and vitamins to your body.

What are the Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy?

IV therapy used in addiction treatment has many benefits. 

  1. Firstly, the saline used for your IV drip keeps your body hydrated. This is especially important during your withdrawals and detox when dehydration is a serious risk.
  2. Secondly, IV therapy rehab supplies your body with essential vitamins like vitamin B complex and vitamin C. Vitamin B complex makes it easier for your body to absorb other vitamins while improving nerve function and Metabolism. If your detox and withdrawal symptoms leave you with no appetite, increasing your vitamin B can help you maintain a healthy appetite to give your body the fuel it needs for recovery. Vitamin C keeps your immune system functioning while you undergo long-term rehab.
  3. Thirdly, IV vitamin therapy gives you things like calcium and magnesium. Calcium keeps your bones strong during your withdrawal treatment and long-term rehab, while magnesium reduces inflammation and cramping. If muscle aches or muscle cramps are a serious risk during withdrawal, adding magnesium to your therapy program can ease your discomfort without using over-the-counter medications.

How is IV Vitamin Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment?

IV therapy used in addiction treatment can help heal the body much faster by providing vital resources. 

When you come in for an IV vitamin therapy session, you get hooked up to an IV while the mixture of vitamins you have chosen with your rehab center is administered. The process doesn’t take very long, and you will usually feel results between 30 minutes and a couple of hours after your session. A lot of people choose to read or catch up on phone calls while they undergo the process.

If you are using IV vitamin therapy as part of your detox, you might begin the detox process after checking into a rehab facility and have the IV administered at some point within the first few days of your detoxification.

How to Find IV Vitamin Therapy Rehab Programs in Southern California

If you are ready to find IV vitamin therapy rehab programs, let Total RMH help. Our Beverly Hills addiction treatment and recovery method focus on the fact that every client is different, and every addiction is unique. Maybe you have tried to get clean in the past and struggled with a relapse, or maybe you successfully completed a program, but it didn’t stop your cravings. No matter what, we use a technique that works. 

Using things like our Southern California NAD treatment and IV vitamin therapy, we help you minimize your cravings, boost your energy, and complete your recovery phase in as little as six months. In as little as several days, you can start to resume your normal life without relying on other medication or narcotics.
If you have bravely sought help with your recovery, let Total RMH lend a hand with IV therapy rehab in Los Angeles.

What is a Withdrawal Management Program?

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, finding a withdrawal Management program can help you get through the initial withdrawal phases. A good detox program can offer medication and supervision throughout the course of the withdrawal process.

What Causes Withdrawal?

When you abuse drugs or alcohol, you build up a tolerance in your body. The same thing can happen with sugar. The more you consume, and the more often you consume it, the more it Alters your body and brain. Eventually, you reach the point where your body can’t function without the substance, so you get cravings. The cravings and withdrawal symptoms are normally so severe that you cannot avoid using again no matter what you do. Trying to stop cold turkey often results in relapse within a few days. 

What are Common Withdrawal Symptoms?

Withdrawal symptoms can include physical and psychological symptoms. Common withdrawal symptoms look different for each person. What you experienced might be different than what you experienced the last time you dealt with withdrawal. What you experienced this time could be completely different than what a loved one experiences. The severity of your physical and psychological symptoms, how long they last, and what you experience will vary based on the substances you are currently struggling with, your history of drug use, as well as your physical and mental health. 

Physical symptoms may include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Runny nose
  • Muscle pain
  • Increased heart rate
  • Bone pain
  • Cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Seizures

Psychological symptoms may include:

  • Irritability
  • Paranoia
  • Delirium
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Intense mood swings

What you experience and how severe each symptom will vary based on your drug use and physical health. For example:

Greg is addicted to alcohol. He experiences headaches, shaking, chills, and insomnia when he starts his withdrawal management program. The headache isn’t severe, but the chills are. He also experiences severe irritability and mood swings. Managing withdrawal symptoms for Greg involves over-the-counter Tylenol for his headaches, medication for his insomnia, and mood stabilizers. The detox program for Greg is completed after five days, with his severe symptoms peaking at day three.

Tina is addicted to benzodiazepines. She experiences heart palpitations, panic attacks, cravings, muscle stiffness, headaches, and excessive sweating when she starts her withdrawal management program. Managing withdrawal symptoms for Tina involves Tylenol for her headaches and muscle stiffness, an IV to help offset the severe sweating, and prescription medications to manage her panic attacks and heart palpitations. The detox program for Tina is completed after ten days, with her severe symptoms peaking at day seven. 

What is a Withdrawal Management Program?

A withdrawal management program is traditionally known as detox. It is a program that helps people overcome their addictions. It involves supervision from medical professionals, complete with 24-hour supervision from medical staff, medications to manage severe symptoms, and support throughout the process. 

A withdrawal management program takes place in a recovery facility where you get 24-hour service, seven days per week. This type of residential detox program can last anywhere between one day and seven days.

How to Find Withdrawal Management Programs in Beverly Hills, CA

If you are ready to find withdrawal management programs in Beverly Hills, look for supervised withdrawal management facilities. 

Beyond having 24-hours supervision, you want to specify that the supervision entails a licensed doctor on staff in the event that prescription medications are needed. 

Similarly, you want to make sure that the facility you choose creates customized treatment plans based on your individual experiences rather than a one-size-fits-all.

At Total RHM, our Los Angeles detox program is built around providing relief and helping you achieve a drug-free life. We understand that you have probably experienced relapses in the past, so imagining a future that is free from drug and alcohol control can seem impossible. But our facility focuses on helping you rebuild from the ground up by starting with a workable plan that involves withdrawal management programs. 

Our treatment therapy provides detox and withdrawal management programs in Southern California to avoid relying on other narcotics in order to successfully free yourself from the hold of your addiction. We treat you individually by customizing detox programs to ensure the highest chance of success. We explain your comprehensive treatment plan, outlining all aspects of your supervision. 
Let Total RHM help you build a withdrawal management program today with our Los Angeles addiction treatment programs.

How Long Does it take to Detox from Drugs?

If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, getting help at a Beverly Hills rehab center can be a terrifying prospect, especially if you don’t understand the length of detox or why you have to endure a supervised detox as part of your initial treatment plan.

What is the Detox Process Like?

Detox or detoxification is when your body rids itself of the last toxins from any substances you have abused. 

If you have ever experienced a hangover, that is a microcosm or a small example of the detox process. A hangover happens when your body experiences withdrawal after you have poisoned it with alcohol.

So, if you are trying to overcome a more severe addiction, that process might not last a few hours, but it will last a few days. What’s more, the symptoms you feel with a minor hangover might be just a tiny example of the symptoms you feel throughout your detox process.

How Long Does it take to Detox from Drugs?

If you have wondered, “how long do drugs last in your system?” you are not alone. Many people who need help have questions like “how long is detox,” “do I need supervised detox,” and “how long does it take to detox from drugs.” 

How long it takes to detox from drugs can vary from one person to another. Usually, it can take anywhere between a few days and two weeks. This depends entirely on your physical health, the types of treatment used to ease your withdrawal symptoms, and what you were addicted to. 

  • The withdrawal time for opioids, for example, is divided into three phases which can last between 7 and 14 days. 
  • The timeline for initial detox from cocaine can last between 1 and 10 days, with the third phase taking up to 30 weeks. 

For almost all substances, you go through three distinct phases:

Phase 1:  

Symptoms begin, usually within a few hours of your last dose. These symptoms often include nausea, sweating, spasms, and pain.

Phase 2:  

Symptoms reach their peak within 3 to 5 days when the physical symptoms are at their worst, usually including things like vomiting, diarrhea, intense cravings, shaking, mood changes, and more.

Phase 3:

Symptoms start to subside between 7 days and ten days from your last dose.

The length of detox might vary for you. The manifestation of your initial symptoms or peak symptoms might last one or two days beyond the average, especially if you are addicted to more than one substance. If you have tried to detox before, you might even experience a different timeline the next time you start to detox.

This fluctuation, in large part, contributes to the need for supervised detox programs.

Why are Supervised Detox Programs Important?

Supervised detox programs are especially important. Studies have found that detox services with supervision at the facility have an increased rate of successful completion and an increased rate of reduced relapse after detox.

Many people who try to detox on their own don’t make it beyond the first few days because they reach the peak of their symptoms and find the discomfort unbearable. But medication and supervision can ease this.

Supervised detox programs go by many names. Some facilities refer to them as medication-assisted detox or medically managed detox.

Supervised detox programs give you over-the-counter and prescription medications to help manage your symptoms. Over-the-counter medication can help ease your nausea, while an IV treatment can keep you hydrated. Anti-spasm medication can control muscle spasms or shakes, while prescription medications can help ease severe abdominal pain, cravings, or hallucinations. No matter the name, any supervised detox program can help you reduce the length of detox by a few hours or a day or two with medications, especially if you are addicted to prescription medications or opioids.

Having 24-hours supervision means you get to detox in a much safer environment. If there are any unexpected complications or unexpected symptoms, trained medical staff is there to give you the services you need.

How to Find Drug Detox Programs in Beverly Hills, CA

At Total RMH, we understand the fear associated with questions like “how long does it take to detox from drugs,” and that is why we want to reassure you that if you are struggling with substance abuse, our facility can help provide you with a range of treatment programs that treat you and your family. Our professional staff uses proven methods and customizes individual plans based on your needs. Our goal is to help you restore your life even after the length of detox.
Let Total RHM help you find the best detox programs in Southern California today. Contact us to learn more about our Beverly Hills IV treatment and addiction programs.

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