If you are struggling with addiction, it may feel overwhelming and like there’s no way out. But with Total Regenerative Medical Health’s program for outpatient detox in Los Angeles, there is a way forward. 

At Total RMH, our healthcare programs are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each of our clients. Through medical testing to determine physical imbalances within the body, we create individualized vitamins, a non-opioid medication, and body-balancing regenerative health nutrients to flush the toxins from the body, decrease and even remove some withdrawal symptoms, and leave you energized and refreshed. Complete a total transformation with our outpatient detox in Los Angeles.

What Is Outpatient Detox in Los Angeles?

Outpatient detox is a form of addiction treatment. With a combination of detox protocols, medication, and counseling, those who are addicted to substances and select outpatient detox can stop using drugs and alcohol and begin the process of healing.

Detoxification protocols for individuals just beginning outpatient treatment may include things like drug testing and frequent checks with a medical professional to ensure your health and safety through the withdrawal process. Withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the type of drug, the amount used, and how long a person has been taking the drug. These detox protocols ensure that you are not only safe and healthy but committed to the process. Outpatient detox can be especially difficult for some individuals who may still be living or working in stressful situations that were the catalyst for previous drug use. 

In outpatient care, individuals will attend counseling several days a week. This may be in a group session or individually with a counselor, but the frequency will be determined by your counselor when evaluating the severity of your addiction treatment needs. More severe addictions may indicate the need for more intensive counseling. 

Outpatient detox in Los Angeles can offer another additional benefit, medication. Through Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) individuals can detox from illegal drugs in a safer manner, avoiding some life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. MAT must be approved by a medical professional, but there are several FDA-approved medications and medication combinations that can support this process. 

But how do you know if you need to go to outpatient detox? What are the signs that indicate that it’s necessary now?

What Are the Signs That Someone Needs Outpatient Detox?

If you are wondering whether or not you or a loved one needs outpatient detox, you can ask yourself the following questions. 

  1. Have you been unable to stop using or drinking, even though you have tried?
  2. Do you use substances to relieve your stress?
  3. Have drugs or alcohol caused you problems at home, work, or school? Have they affected your performance or attendance?
  4. Have you noticed that you need more of the substance to achieve the same high?
  5. Have substances led to legal problems?

Answering yes some or all of these questions may indicate that outpatient detox is necessary. Through registered programs, individuals struggling with addiction can battle back. 

Outpatient addiction treatment programs in Los Angeles provide individuals with the opportunity to work and maintain their lives while attending addiction treatment. Through this process, individuals are able to develop sober communities and battle the everyday challenges of sobriety while working with a dedicated group of individuals.

Total Regenerative Medical Health – Providing the Best for You

At Total RMH our mission is your regenerative health. From addiction treatment to brain optimization, our IV treatments, in combination with therapeutic counseling and nutritional therapy, ensure total-body rejuvenation. 

Total RMHs detoxification program moves clients through a bodily transition of relief and repair and a mental transition of recovery and rebuilding. 

Feel like a brand-new person with one of Total RMHs custom-tailored treatments, today.