Looking for addiction counseling in a location near you can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are multiple locations that offer different programs, different treatment styles, and different types of care. But which is best for you?

At Total RMH, we help clients gain relief from substance abuse, medically support them with repairing their body, counsel them through recovery, and support them through rebuilding their lives. Our way is unique, ambitious, and optimal for clients who are looking for a different way to battle addiction. 

Try the Total RMH way today.

What Is Drug Addiction Counseling Near Me?

Drug addiction counseling refers to the multiple ways individuals can access supportive care through recovery. Programs range from intensive multi-day therapy sessions to weekly support meetings and online counseling sessions. 

During these drug addiction counseling sessions clients may work individually, in a small group, or with their family to challenge and evaluate their thinking. Counselors will also provide structured thought processing steps for clients who are unclear about how it works. 

Counselors guide individuals through the development of positive coping skills and relapse prevention skills. While this is occurring, individuals are often going through detox and withdrawal. 

But what if there was another way?

Online counseling, over the phone or with video conferencing, provides clinicians the opportunity to support clients where they are, provide immediate feedback when they can’t be in person, and assess and evaluate client interactions. 

Online counseling brings drug addiction counseling to you.

Who Should Go to Drug Addiction Counseling Near Me?

There are many reasons a person may need drug addiction counseling. They may be struggling with severe addiction, multiple diagnoses, or they have simply noticed a problem and they need help changing it. Drug addiction counseling is a supportive and life-changing measure that can encourage total life changes. 

Clients with severe addiction or multiple diagnoses can go to drug addiction counseling ‘near me’ ; however, it is recommended that these locations be residential inpatient treatment centers. Through this placement, these clients can achieve and maintain sobriety, learn positive coping strategies, and utilize structured supportive around-the-clock care.

Clients who would benefit most from drug addiction counseling ‘near me’ online or over the phone might be 

  • Professionals, attempting to maintain sobriety while working
  • Parents, who must continue to support their children through treatment
  • Those with jobs that require frequent travel

In these types of situations, clients often attempt to maintain their lives while working through addiction treatment. Online treatment caters to these individuals by creating meeting times that work for the client and treatment occurring where they are most comfortable and can focus on healing. 

The Total RMH Way

Total RMH redefines and redesigns the way that addiction treatment is provided to clients. With medical detox, maintenance relief, and distance recovery therapy, we can help people live happier, healthier, drug-free lives. Our treatments provide results quicker, with fewer withdrawal symptoms, and provide a healthier more balanced outcome.

At Total RMH we focus on regenerative health that improves the lives of our clients. With medically optimized treatments designed to flush the toxins from the body, our clients suffer from fewer withdrawal symptoms and are back on their feet quicker than standard detox practices. Transitioning from Relief to Recovery we support our clients with digital counseling sessions with a certified counselor and maintenance IV therapy to support a healthier you.

Our IV therapies include vitamins, brain-stimulating NAD+, and FDA-approved medications. With these treatments, clients can feel better and heal quicker.

Try the Total RMH way – Relief, Repair, Recover, Rebuild