Not everyone who drinks alcohol or uses drugs is an addict. However, continued, problematic use can lead an individual down the path to addiction. 

The science behind addiction shows that while no one factor causes addiction, many common factors exist that can predict an increased likelihood. Scientific studies have also told us the most effective ways to treat addiction and help individuals maintain sobriety.

At Total RMH, we believe the science. Using top-of-the-line IV therapies, we support our clients through detoxification and addiction treatment. Our goal is to get you back on your feet faster, and we do that with our 4R addiction treatment program. Relief, Repair, Recover, and Rebuild are the foundations in which we transition our clients. 

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What is addiction?

Addiction is a mental health disorder that is defined as a chronic disease revolving around repeated substance use regardless of physical or mental impact. Individuals who become addicted to substances don’t start out with the belief they will become addicted, but drugs and alcohol impact how the brain functions and the reward center in the brain. By altering these essential functions, individuals can become addicted and are unable to stop using without help. 

People with a family history of addiction or who are exposed to addiction at an early age are more likely to experience addiction themselves. Additionally, individuals who use drugs in developmental stages like teen years and early adulthood have a greater likelihood of developing an addiction as use began at a time that decision-making and judgment are still being developed.

Is addiction more than just a lack of self-control?

Addiction is more than just a lack of self-control. Heavy drinking or problematic drug use may start out as a lack of self-control or even worsen due to it, but addiction at its base is the inability to stop using regardless of the problems it causes.

A heavy drinker or a person who uses drugs has the ability to stop. It may be challenging, but they can achieve sobriety without the negative health effects that a person who is addicted to drugs has.

Individuals experiencing addiction need help, not judgment. At Total RMH, our expert staff is compassionate and ready to support individuals who are ready to make a change. 

The Science Behind Addiction

A person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol experiences a much more difficult time when they make the decision to stop using the substance. Addicts can experience changes in emotions, behavior, and personality while using drugs. But long-term consequences can impact “learning, judgment, decision-making, stress, memory, and behavior.” This means that the science behind addiction can prove that while use can impact the present, it can also impact your future.

Scientific study has also proven that addiction is not something that can be cured. It is, however, a pervasive and chronic disorder that can be managed. Through specific behavioral treatment and the development of relapse prevention strategies, individuals can develop the necessary skills to maintain sobriety. 

Total RMH – Regenerative Health for Your Future Self

At Total RMH, we believe that there is change and opportunity in every choice. Making the choice to detox and go through addiction treatment with Total RMH is a choice you won’t regret. With the best, newest, and most innovative IV therapy and addiction counseling, our program is designed to get working professions and individuals back up on their feet quicker and with less trouble. 

By focusing on relief, repair, recovery, and rebuilding, we work with our clients to support their rehabilitation goals. With Total RMH, our goal is for you to leave our facility feeling better, younger, and healthier. 

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