If you are struggling with addiction, maybe you have already tried generic outpatient programs or therapies that resulted in nothing more than relapses. Now you want to know the benefits of alternative addiction treatment.

What is Alternative Addiction Treatment?

Alternative addiction therapy refers to holistic treatments that can help you with your recovery. Traditional therapies include medical detoxification to remove any remaining compounds in your body coupled with therapy and counseling, including one-on-one therapy, group therapy, or family therapy. Alternative addiction treatment refers to anything other than these traditional therapies, including fitness, mindfulness, acupuncture, art or music therapy, equine therapy, hiking, and more.


Exercise is one of the most crucial alternative addiction treatments. Physical activity can improve mood, sleep quality, energy levels, and self-esteem. Participation in exercise can help recovery from drug abuse and reduce the risk of relapse.


Substance abuse changes your metabolism, and withdrawal can affect your nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies and regular imbalances are prevalent in people who have abused things like alcohol, but you can overcome these deficiencies with nutritional counseling and healthier eating habits. 

Art and Music Therapies

Art and music therapy have been shown to help overcome addiction, give people a way to express themselves that they may not have had before, and focus on emotional responses. Art and music therapy are not meant for people to be exceptionally skilled; they are simply a way for people to explore their creative side and communicate emotions or struggles that have otherwise been profoundly internal and served as triggers for substance abuse.


Mindfulness includes practices like yoga and focuses on slow, controlled movements and breathing. Strengthening the body while deliberately changing breathing patterns helps to relax. These controlled practices can provide feelings of comfort and peace, reduce cravings and agitation during detox, and improve insomnia. Focusing on positive thoughts and peaceful thoughts can help people avoid returning to drug and alcohol abuse after they have gone through rehabilitation.


Anxiety, stress, and anger can all manifest in physiological and neurological changes. Your body and brain can be changed by the substances you have used. Options like biofeedback or neurofeedback therapies can help you change the way your brain functions, improve your attention, reduce impulsivity, and help moderate your blood pressure and breathing.

There are many benefits of alternative addiction treatment. One of the primary benefits of alternative addiction treatment is that you can enjoy a broader range of options that give you skills you can apply long-term to overcoming your addiction.

For example, many people who struggle with addiction struggle with stress management, anger issues, and even depression and anxiety. So they turned to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate because they didn’t have other tools.

With alternative addiction therapy, you can learn healthier alternatives to managing withdrawal symptoms, dealing with cravings, handling your stress, and choosing to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

How Do I Know if Alternative Addiction Treatment is Right For Me?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to addiction. Alternative addiction treatment comes in many forms, just the same as traditional therapy comes in many forms. You might have to try more than one alternative treatment for different lengths of time to figure out which ones you respond to most.

Rehab facilities can help you coordinate and integrate traditional treatments like medical detox, 12-step programs, and alternative addiction treatment.

If you have tried traditional treatments and they haven’t helped you, or you still struggle with things like positive thoughts, peacefulness, insomnia, or overcoming cravings, alternative addiction treatment might provide exactly what you need. You deserve to at least try everything to find something that works best.

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