For those who have asked, “is medication-assisted treatment right for me,” it is essential to appreciate that addiction can bring with it serious complications. For many people, addiction is not a struggle that happens just once, but a lifelong struggle that might include relapses and subsequent detox. Addiction can also occur not just with one substance but with more than one substance at the same time. Addiction can manifest at the same time as other mental health problems.

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment option for addiction because no two people struggle in the same way. However, medication-assisted treatment can be customized and personalized to your situation, giving you the highest chance of recovery from your withdrawal symptoms in a comfortable and medically supervised environment.

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment can take many forms.

  • Medication-assisted treatment can refer to a medically supervised detox program. This is a program where physicians help you manage the withdrawal symptoms from your addiction by weaning you off the substances to which you are addicted by using other, less addictive medications. For example, suppose you are addicted to benzodiazepines, in that case, you might be weaned off of the drugs to which you are addicted to by taking a less addictive, more moderate form of a benzodiazepine for the first few days of your withdrawal symptoms until you are slowly rid of all substances in your body.
  • Medication-assisted treatment can also extend beyond the detox and refer to ongoing inpatient or outpatient rehab programs that treat dual diagnosis situations where you are addicted to alcohol or drugs as well as having a mental health problem like bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety. In these situations, you might be given medication during the course of your treatment program to help manage the symptoms of your mental health problem. 

Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Now, having asked if “medication-assisted treatment is right for me,” you need to fully understand the benefits before deciding the answer. 

There are many benefits to MAT programs. The most significant benefit is having medical supervision during a detox program. Depending on the drugs from which you are trying to detox, there can be serious side effects that can be made more comfortable and become easier to handle with the help of medical staff. 

The next biggest benefit is having ongoing medication to treat other conditions. For those who have things like co-existing mental health conditions, having access to medication to treat those conditions can help you manage symptoms of mental health problems such that you don’t fall back on drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. 

Finding Medication-Assisted Treatment Near Me

Once deciding if medication-assisted treatment is right for you, you still have to find a treatment center to suit your specific needs.

  • Look for dual diagnosis programs. Dual diagnosis means the facility will offer treatment for mental health conditions that exist alongside your addiction or addiction to multiple substances. A medication-assisted treatment facility will provide medication to help you work with any of these conditions so that you don’t just treat one part of the problem but the whole disorder. 
  • Look for qualified medical staff. If you go to a facility for medication-assisted treatment, you need to make sure that that facility has highly qualified medical personnel on staff. More importantly, you want medical staff who are available 24 hours per day, not just a few hours per day. Medical supervision at all times will give you the support you need during your treatment. 

Total Regenerative Medical Health – Medication-Assisted Treatment in Beverly Hills, CA

With Total RMH, you get access to medication-assisted treatment in a stunning and relaxing Beverly Hills, CA location. We understand that recovery is a long process, but your recovery starts the minute you decide to let us help you. We customize different treatment programs for each client and their family. If you need medication-assisted treatment, our dedicated professional staff will help you with a physician-guided recovery option designed to provide lifelong recovery. Our chief medical doctor, Dr. Samuel Leibovici, is triple boarded in Addiction Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pain Management. 

We focus on minimizing the withdrawal symptoms through multiple therapies and an FDA-approved device so that you can get relief during the most challenging part of your recovery. Once you have removed any toxic compounds from your body, you can take the next steps toward securing long-term wellness. 
If you are ready to move forward with your recovery, let us help.