If you or someone you love has ever taken Adderall, you probably wondered, can Adderall cause withdrawal? In short, yes; a person who is addicted to Adderall may experience withdrawal symptoms after drug use ends. Thankfully, treatment is possible, and with Adderall detox, you can get control over your addiction. 

What is Adderall? 

Adderall is a stimulant prescription drug typically used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It belongs to a class of drugs called amphetamines. Amphetamines or stimulants change the neurocircuitry of the brain. For people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit disorder, this medication can provide better control over behavioral problems, increase the ability to pay attention, and stay focused. In some cases, Adderall is also used to treat narcolepsy. 

But can Adderall cause withdrawal? 

Is Adderall Dangerous? 

Adderall can be dangerous. These dangers come from too frequent use or when it is taken in larger doses than intended. Many people mistakenly believe that Adderall is not dangerous because it is a prescription, but it is a prescription stimulant or amphetamine. Any amphetamines can cause serious and potentially lethal side effects. 

● One of the most significant dangers associated with Adderall abuse is an overdose, resulting in heart attacks, liver failure, or stroke. 

● Taking Adderall with other substances like alcohol increases the significant risk of a fatal overdose. 

Adderall changes your brain on a neurological level. By changing the neurocircuitry in your brain, too much Adderall can change your behavior and cause mental disorders, like severe anxiety and depression, to manifest. Prolonged Adderall use can sometimes lead to suicidal thoughts.

Other signs of Adderall abuse and addiction include: 

● Financial troubles 

● Secretive behavior 

● Personality changes, and severe aggression 

● Overworking 

● Incomplete thoughts and memory loss 

● Decline in hygiene 

● Impulsive behavior 

● Mania 

● Using prescriptions before the refill date 

Still, you might wonder, can Adderall cause withdrawal? Yes, it certainly can. 

Can Adderall Cause Withdrawal? 

Yes, a severe enough addiction can cause Adderall withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms are many. They include: 

● Convulsions 

● Nausea 

● Loss of appetite 

● Irregular heartbeat 

● Paranoia 

● Lack of strength 

● Weight loss 

● Sexual dysfunction 

● Anxiety 

● Constipation 

● Insomnia 

● Hallucinations 

● Depression 

● Headaches 

● Muscle pain 

● Seizures 

People who recognize their addiction to Adderall might try to quit on their own, commonly referred to as “cold turkey.” Doing so can result in serious withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, the inability to concentrate, and an irregular heartbeat. Getting help from a detox center has a much higher chance of success and a lower chance of relapse after the fact. 

How to Find Adderall Detox Center Near Me 

If you are ready to start your Adderall detox, let Total RMH help. At our Adderall detox center, you don’t have to travel far to get the help you need. We utilize evidence-based practices in conjunction with holistic treatments to offer you a customized, individual treatment plan that targets not only your initial Adderall detox but ongoing therapy and life skills you need to treat underlying mental health problems like anxiety, depression, ADHD, or insomnia. 

We understand that addiction recovery is a journey, and that is why we work with each patient during their initial assessment to find out what other drugs or substances might be abused with Adderall, whether there are mental health problems that need to be addressed, and what treatments are most appealing. 

In our relaxed, supportive outpatient clinic, you can get medical supervision for your Adderall detox, with trained medical staff available 24/7 to manage your withdrawal symptoms and get you through the worst of your detox. Thereafter we offer a handful of different ongoing treatment options to give you the coping skills you need as well as teach you life skills like meditation, proper diet, exercise, yoga, and self-care. The longer you work with us, the higher your chances of a successful recovery. We know that each person is different, and that is why we offer an array of customizable therapies so that you can pick that which works best for you and your situation. With Total RMH, we can give you long-term skills to get control over your sobriety. Let us help you today.