If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or wants to optimize their mental and physical health, then IV therapy might be a great addition to your treatment. IV Therapy helps to address the mind and body at the same time with a higher success rate than supplements or oral vitamins and nutrients. 

What is IV Therapy? 

IV therapy stands for intravenous therapy, which just means the therapy in question is delivered straight to your bloodstream. As the name suggests, IV drip therapy uses an IV to provide you with a steady flow of nutrients and vitamins to help with your addiction treatment. 

IV drip therapy bypasses your digestive system by directing nutrients and vitamins into your bloodstream. This increases your cell absorption and the bioavailability of the infused nutrients. This can take anywhere between 30 minutes and several hours, depending on what is being infused and what you need most. 

IV drip has a better absorption rate which increases the success of your therapy. IV therapy is not something you can do at home on your own, but rather something administered by a healthcare professional to address a wide range of symptoms like: 

● Medical emergencies 

● Morning sickness 

● Dehydration 

● Addiction treatment 

Whatever its intended purpose, the procedure is fairly straightforward. The administering individual will talk you through the process, make sure you are seated in a comfortable area and insert the IV. This is usually placed in your arm, after which fluids and vitamins in the bag are administered through a fluid drip. You need to keep still during this process, so most people taking this form of treatment watch television, check their phones, or read available books or magazines. 

How is IV Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment?

IV therapy used in addiction treatment can be one part of a bigger picture. 

Suppose you undergo an inpatient residential rehab treatment, it might start with a medical detox program, after which your therapy can include IV drip therapy in conjunction with one-on-one counseling and holistic treatments like stress management, yoga, meditation, and proper nutrition. 

You might get a mixture designed to activate your brain response or a mixture intended as a strong antioxidant. Inside the IV drip, you might find: 

1. Saline: This helps to hydrate your body which might be one of the symptoms of your withdrawal 

2. Vitamin B: Vitamin B complex helps you absorb other vitamins and is an essential element in regulating nerve function, metabolism, and bodily functions

3. Vitamin C: Vitamin C can help you maintain healthy immune system functions while undergoing addiction treatment. 

4. Calcium: Calcium can keep your bones and teeth strong, which is especially important for certain long-term rehabilitation and drug withdrawal treatment. 

5. Magnesium: Magnesium is another important mineral that reduces inflammation and cramping, which can be useful in situations where your withdrawal symptoms include muscle cramps or muscle aches. 

Professional treatment centers can include IV drip therapy as part of your comprehensive addiction treatment based on your patient history and your addiction. Specific doses can help counter the chemical toxicity in your blood while also activating your brain to enhance the success of other treatment procedures. 

Environmental factors, stress, and genetics all influence the house of your brain. Using IV vitamin therapy can address the overall health of your mind and your body, giving you improved cognition, better energy, and mental clarity, all of which can help you absorb the life skills and holistic treatments included in your addiction recovery plan. 

How to Find IV Therapy Rehab Programs in Southern California 

There are many ways in which IV therapy used in addiction treatment can help you overcome your addiction and stay sober. When you are ready to find a custom IV drip therapy program in Southern California, consider Total RMH. 

Our name says it all; we believe in a total regenerative approach toward sobriety. We don’t treat just one addiction or offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We help you get relief, recover from your addiction, and get the skills you need to repair and rebuild your life, all while working around your schedule.

We focus on your brain and your body, helping you address symptoms of addiction.If you are ready to see how IV therapy used in addiction treatment could help you, reach out to us today.