If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, evidence-based addiction treatment is one of the best avenues for recovery. Evidence-based treatment refers to any treatment that has been successfully proven in a clinical setting more than once. Suitable therapies and treatments are regularly tested, and those which are proven most effective are integrated into recovery plans. When new therapies come along which are proven more effective than older methods or models, they replace those older methods. This gives the highest chance of overall success. 

What is Evidence-Based Treatment for Addiction?

Evidence-based addiction treatment uses the most effective and scientifically proven solutions for addiction treatment. It is designed to address certain aspects of your drug or alcohol addiction and the consequences that addiction has had for yourself, your family, and society at large. 

How is Evidence-Based Drug Treatment Used in Rehab?

With rehab, evidence-based addiction treatment is one part of the whole picture. Addiction doesn’t start with drug or alcohol use. It starts with small, unhealthy decisions, mental health problems, a loss of purpose, and an unclear path forward. Therefore, helpful drug and alcohol treatment will help you find that life purpose, that path forward, and get treatment to change unhealthy life decisions. 

Counseling and Therapy

Most evidence-based addiction treatment will start with counseling and therapy after the initial detox. During the course of a recovery program, you can get medical supervision for your initial detoxification, after which you can transition into one-on-one therapy and subsequently group counseling. This is a key part of recognizing the other factors which have led to your addiction, in a supportive and social environment. 

  • One-on-one counseling can give you insight into what lifestyle changes need to happen or what environmental factors have contributed to your addiction.
  • Group therapy can help you recognize that other people have gone through the same struggle you have and you are not alone. No matter what you are feeling or what underlying factors have contributed to your struggle, there are people who want you to succeed.

Behavioral Therapies

When you seek evidence-based alcohol treatment or evidence-based drug treatment, a big part of your customized plan will be behavioral therapies. These can include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • 12 Step Programs
  • Family Behavior Therapy

The goal in any of these is to help you remain sober, change your attitude, the way you think, or your behaviors, particularly those relating to drug and alcohol abuse. Behavioral therapies can provide increased life skills that help you handle environmental triggers or stressful circumstances that might otherwise lead to intense cravings and relapse.

For some people, their families play a significant role in the decisions they have left, especially when there is an environment or a spouse unsupportive of recovery. For other people, underlying communication issues within the family exacerbate drug or alcohol abuse, and in these situations, family behavior therapy can involve all parties and find ways to facilitate better communication, better behaviors, and better attitudes toward drug and alcohol abuse.

How to Find Evidence-Based Treatment in Beverly Hills, CA

When you are ready to use evidence-based addiction treatment in your recovery, you can find reliable treatment in the comfort of Beverly Hills. 


Look for a center that offers evidence-based alcohol treatment and evidence-based drug treatment if you struggle with both. If your struggle includes drug abuse and a mental health problem, a good treatment center will offer evidence-based drug treatment and therapies to uncover and treat the mental health issues. 

Customized Treatment

Whether you need evidence-based alcohol treatment or drug treatment, you need a customized program. Recovery at Total RMH offers customized treatment the minute you begin your journey to recovery. With Total RMH, the staff works with you to develop a physician-guided recovery option using the most effective and clinically proven treatment methods. We know that treatment isn’t going to look the same for everyone and that recovery is a lifelong process. That is why we offer life coaching, nutritional care, medication-assisted treatment and management, and other support services alongside evidence-based treatment. This ensures minimal withdrawal symptoms, improved well-being and health, and continued counseling and checkups for long-term recovery. 
If you are ready to let evidence-based addiction treatment in Beverly Hills make a change in your life, contact Total RMH today.