If you or someone close to you has searched for “IV treatments near me,” you might be interested to learn about the latest scientific evidence behind IV rehab treatment in Los Angeles and how IV therapies can help you with your addiction recovery. 

What is IV Rehab Treatment?

As the name suggests, IV rehab treatment in Los Angeles is a form of IV drip therapy involving intravenous medicine. IV therapies usually involve a saline solution mixed with things like vitamins and nutrients designed to help your mind and body heal during things like detox and withdrawal management. 

The process is simple:

  • You go to a rehab center (or go to the treatment room while in your residential stay)
  • You get hooked up to an IV with the appropriate mixture or treatment
  • You remain in your comfortable chair, reading, watching TV, or otherwise relaxing
  • You finish within an hour and start to feel the effects within a few days

What are the Benefits of IV Treatment?

IV treatment helps you detox safely from opioids and other drugs. How? By managing and minimizing withdrawal symptoms. 

When you struggle with addiction, a lot can happen to your mind and body. 

  • You get dehydrated quickly. When this happens regularly, your cells struggle to function properly. This means you can’t digest food as you should; you can’t get nutrients from what you eat or drink. Your brain and immune system function diminishes as well. 
  • Your body is harmed. The toxins from drugs and alcohol can physically damage your organs, muscles, brain, and just about everything else. This extends to your hair, nails, teeth, and even your skin. 
  • Your brain can’t communicate with the rest of your body as intended. This makes it harder for each part of your body to communicate with the rest, explain what it needs to function well, or get the nutrients it needs. This is compounded by bad eating habits while high or drunk. 

All of this means that when you stop doing drugs or alcohol, your body can’t function properly. You struggle with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It can feel impossible not to give in, but Los Angeles IV treatment can reduce or eliminate those cravings with ease. 

IV treatment can detox your body, restore brain function, boost energy, manage your moods, and reduce fatigue. Having low energy and mood swings can be difficult during detox and ongoing therapy. But managing both makes it easier to focus on your treatment and your rehabilitation.

How to Find IV Rehab Treatment in Southern California

If you search for “IV treatments near me,” remember that not all IV rehab treatment in Southern California is created equal. Each facility offers special mixtures for its IV solution. Each might serve a different purpose, given the circumstances. 

For example:


NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is an IV treatment that boosts natural levels of NAD in the body. With regular drug or alcohol abuse, NAD levels go down. This reduces DNA repairs, inhibits brain and cell communication, impedes brain function, and makes it challenging to derive energy from food. With Los Angeles NAD IV treatment, you can increase the levels in your body by bypassing your digestive tract and getting the NAD you need directly into your bloodstream, which can spread all over your body. This helps you boost energy levels within hours, improves the nutrients your body gets from food, helps you manage withdrawal symptoms, and flushes toxins during detox sooner. 

Vitamin IV

Vitamin IV drip therapy bypasses your digestive tract and gives your body a massive dose of nutrients and vitamins. With 100% absorption, you can hydrate your body. Drug and alcohol abuse often leaves you dehydrated, but IV vitamin therapy hydrates your cells so you can get energy from your food, improve your sleep and your mood, and help with withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, depression, anxiety, lack of appetite, vomiting, and more. 

In fact, studies confirm that IV vitamin therapy can reduce how long you go through detox or recovery in a hospital, helping your body to boost energy, healing, and mood. 

When you are ready to boost your recovery, find a facility that offers the IV mixture you want. You should find a place that works around your schedule and lets you easily relax, check your email, or read a book during the treatment. With IV addiction treatment in Los Angeles, you should be comfortable. 

With Total RMH, we specialize in IV drip therapy, including NAD and vitamin therapy. 

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