If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, addiction, or mental illness, NAD injections are one form of treatment that you can use to improve your cellular function regularly. But what is it, and does NAD IV therapy work?

What is NAD Therapy?

NAD therapy stands for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide therapy. It is an intravenous treatment that stimulates regeneration on a cellular level. It is a naturally occurring coenzyme in your body, but it’s supposed to bind with other elements. It’s been used as a scientific treatment since the 60s, and the science behind it is that your body needs essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to function at its highest level. When your body doesn’t naturally produce the levels you need, you can supplement it with a direct infusion.

Does NAD IV Therapy Work?

Yes! But how does NAD IV therapy work? It works by boosting the natural levels of NAD in your body. Your body produces NAD+ on its own every day, but as you get older and struggle with addiction or mental health issues or diseases, your body stops producing as much as it once did. 

Many people supplement vitamins and minerals with pill forms as they age, but pills have to be digested first, and your body doesn’t get 100% of what is provided in that pill. But with Beverly Hills IV treatment, you get 100% bioavailability by bypassing the digestive system and infusing the vital NAD+ directly into your bloodstream. 

What is NAD IV Therapy Used to Treat?

NAD IV therapy is used to treat things like addiction, depression, chronic pain management, the symptoms of diabetes, the effects of aging, and more. 


How does NAD IV therapy work for addiction recovery? In so many ways. Firstly, it boosts your body, reducing pain and inflammation, making it easier for you to improve metabolic processes and maintain a regular diet. 

This is often something with which addicts struggle because drug and alcohol abuse can hamper the body’s ability to process food, retrieve vital nutrients from food, and distribute those nutrients throughout the body. 

Secondly, it resets how your brain works by restoring your brain chemistry to how it was before your addiction. This helps to avoid a relapse. It also helps thwart things like depression.

Thirdly, it helps manage withdrawal symptoms making it less likely that you will need ongoing medication for that purpose.


When recovering from addiction, many people struggle with a coexisting mental health disorder, usually depression. Does NAD IV therapy help here too? Yes. NAD injections increase your serotonin levels, and this means they act as a mood stabilizer.

In fact, this ability to stabilize your mood and improve how you feel is beneficial when recovering from addiction, struggling from depression and isolation, dealing with depression because of a short-term traumatic event, and more. 

Effects of Aging

No one likes looking older, but feeling older can be much worse. NAD injections help reverse some aging effects by repairing DNA, improving gene expression (so your genes can do what they were designed to do), preserving your chromosomes, and getting more energy. 

NAD IV therapy improves your metabolic processes, which can help you maintain a healthy weight. This is something used by:

  1. Athletes who want to improve their performance; 
  2. Older individuals who want to maintain a healthier weight but are struggling with the effects of aging;
  3. People who want to lose weight to manage health and get rid of things like chronic pain or diabetes;
  4. Addicts who need to reset their metabolic processes to reap results from diet and exercise.

Cognitive Decline

This is slightly different from the effects of aging in that you might just feel a little foggier for a short time and find it difficult to focus because of unexpected traumatic events or particularly difficult times at work or home. 

In similar ways to managing the effects of aging: you get more energy, your body produces more of the nutrients it needs, distributes those nutrients throughout the body, and helps turns genes on and off to improve focus and brain function. 

Chronic Pain

NAD injections can be used to reduce chronic pain by activating antioxidants that remove free radicals from the body. It also reduces inflammation which helps manage pain, particularly for inflammation-based chronic conditions. 

Symptoms of Diabetes 

Similarly, NAD IV treatment can help manage the symptoms of diabetes in similar ways to managing chronic pain; NAD therapy can signal more calcium in your body, help extract cellular energy from what you eat, and repair your DNA.

How to Find NAD Therapy in Beverly Hills, CA

If you are ready to use NAD IV therapy and you need to find a reputable rehab in Beverly Hills, turn to Total RMH. At our facility, you will find supportive staff who can issue your infusions regularly, help you maintain a healthier lifestyle, and integrate complementary therapies like individual psychotherapy, exercise, or nutrition classes.
Let Total RMH help you start your NAD IV infusions in Beverly Hills today.