If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, you can find outpatient cocaine rehabs in Los Angeles that offer personalized treatment for your addiction and any other mental health problems.

How Addictive is Cocaine?

Cocaine addiction is a problem for over 1.7 million people in the United States. As a stimulant, cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs when used recreationally.

Cocaine is very addictive because it has a significant role in the rewarding effects of your brain’s dopamine system. This means that every time you use cocaine, your brain receives positive reinforcement. You feel great, energetic, and confident. 

Cocaine can do this because, under normal circumstances, your dopamine gets released and then recycled, but cocaine stops it from being recycled. As a result, massive amounts of dopamine build up between your nerve cells and prevent communication.

Those feelings are the result of a massive rush of chemicals in doses you don’t usually get from doing things like exercising or eating correctly.

At the same time, that high is short-lived. Even after a few minutes, it might start dissipating, and you feel even worse than you did before because that sudden rush of happiness or confidence is gone. This causes people to use cocaine more often and in higher doses to get that same feeling back. 

Are There Outpatient Cocaine Rehabs in Los Angeles?

Yes. But Los Angeles cocaine treatment comes with two types of outpatient options:

  1. The first is general outpatient cocaine rehabs in Los Angeles
  2. The second is intensive outpatient cocaine rehabs in Los Angeles

General Outpatient Los Angeles Cocaine Rehab

With General outpatient cocaine rehabs in Los Angeles, you have more flexibility to schedule your therapy sessions and group meetings around your existing responsibilities. This allows you to pick meetings or therapy sessions, but all take place from morning until the early afternoon if you have the middle of the day available, or sessions that take place in the late afternoon or evening if you have work responsibilities during the day.

Intensive Outpatient Los Angeles Cocaine Treatment

Intensive outpatient Los Angeles cocaine rehab it’s very similar to a residential rehab program but much shorter in length. You have more therapy required daily; it’s better to think of an intensive program as a part-time job because that’s the level of commitment that will likely be required of you. 

How to Find a Comprehensive Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program

With Total RMH, we start with detoxification for Los Angeles cocaine treatment. Los Angeles cocaine rehab can include many different therapeutic tools and methods. At Total RMH, we provide personalized treatment plans based on your needs, something our team assesses during your initial evaluation.


Comprehensive outpatient Los Angeles cocaine treatment might include medication. Medications are often a regular part of cocaine treatment, especially for initial detox symptoms. This can help you manage your cravings. With cocaine, you are particularly susceptible to 6 months or more of cravings even after you have completed rehab, and medications can help with that.

Therapy and Counseling

Individual and group counseling or therapy sessions are essential in helping you recognize potential triggers and things that might have led to self-destructive behavior. It can also help you figure out what contributed to your cocaine abuse. Working to build self-reliance and coping skills and anger management or better communication skills are essential parts of the sessions.

Nutritional Planning

Physical health is essential to your recovery. Too often, things like cocaine abuse change your appetite and negatively influence what you consume and the toxins you get from your drug abuse. Nutritional planning and things like NAD IV therapy can help you maintain proper nutrition and hydration during your treatment program. This works to relieve any stress and help keep you emotionally stable while also reducing cravings. 

Holistic Care

Cocaine abuse can do so much harm to the brain that it’s important to use treatments like brain optimization to restore your cognitive function and how your brain communicates with your body. Holistic care is an essential part of your plan. This can include adjunct therapies that help you restore your mind and your body like yoga, mindfulness, art therapy, and approaches like brain optimization.Call Total RMH today to schedule your Los Angeles outpatient cocaine rehab and learn more about our Beverly Hills treatment center.